Miss Candy is a Ukrainian fashion brand of women's clothing, which found its relevance in an infinite would for femininity and refinement. The brand aesthetics has a lot of sides, but they are all crossed between such conceptions as daring and elegance, tenderness and self-reliance, sensuality and comfort.

Complex architecture, handicraft, recognizable prints and unexpected design solutions – it’s all intercropping in a completely new concept of already known new look style, which brand artistically mixing with contemporary details. In equipoise to the global tendency to androgyny, the brand creates its own aesthetics the basis of which became constant attribute of refinement - dresses.


History: The brand was created in Ukraine, 2012. Since its founding Miss Candy set very high standards of quality and design, which allowed to achieve the unique recognizable models and to compete with premium brands in Ukraine and Europe.


Mission: Beauty, tenderness and delicateness - merits of which, in spite of any fashion trends, emancipation and changes in realities of life, always valued in woman above all. As a brand, we raise these feminine qualities in trend, allowing every girl to experience a sense of self exclusivity. Miss Candy turns tenderness and delicateness in most powerful girl sides, giving her a sense of own irresistibility, infinite possibilities and almightiness of femininity.